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5 min read


At Pace, we regularly hold PFAS technical and regulatory briefings for a variety of different types of organizations....

7 min read

8-Point PFAS Lab Checklist

Once UCMR 5 goes into effect in 2023, ALL public water systems serving more than 3300 people plus 800 randomly selected...

5 min read

UCMR 5: Here’s What All Public Water Systems Need to Know

Even though UCMR 5 hasn’t yet been finalized and sampling isn’t set to begin until 2023, it’s top of mind for many of...

2 min read

Who Moved My (Cheese) PFAS?

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) Evolves PFAS Reporting Standards

For those that have read the book ...

5 min read

The Impact of Wastewater Treatment on PFAS Contamination

One of the questions we often get asked is whether wastewater treatment processes remove PFAS. Here’s the bottom line....

8 min read

Interim PFAS wastewater memo

5 takeaways from the epa's interim wastewater discharge permitting strategy for pfas

The EPA continues to make progress...

4 min read

Which PFAS Compounds Should I Test For?

Which Compounds Should We Include in Our PFAS Testing Program?

When designing a PFAS testing program, one of the...

4 min read

PFAS and Airports

4 Facts Airport Operators Need to Know About PFAS

At Pace Analytical®, we’re seeing a steady flow of inquiries from...

7 min read

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: PFAS Technical & Regulatory Update

PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are a large, diverse...

3 min read

The EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program


One of the ways the EPA furthers its...

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